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A Seal Named Sue

A seal named Sue 

Author / Illustrator / Organic Social / Paid Social / Video Editor / Narrator 

I spend a lot of my free time by the sea. It is a place I go to recharge, release, and be inspired. Immediately after self publishing my first book I knew that I wanted to create and share another story though I wasn't sure what it should or would be about. One evening while picking up trash at a local beach I had an interesting encounter with a seal. So interesting that it inspired me to dive into their world and learn more about them. That marked the beginning of my research for this book. The title however came to me out of the blue. I like to think Johnny Cash had some sort of influence. A lot of research went into the making of this book. I wanted to make sure I wasn't only telling a story, but that I was sharing bits of knowledge to readers of all ages. I also frequently visited beaches and the Monterey Bay Aquarium to have a visual understanding of what the world of a seal might actually look and feel like. The colors, the sounds, the life all helped me illustrate Sue the seals home. The entire process was incredibly fun and educational for me. In the process I also created a read-along version that is free and accessible to all on my Youtube channel Jo-Jo's Reading Buddies. 

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