This is me

By now you know my name and the many things I do. Somethings you do not know about me however are the following: I love to dance, I once walked into a mountain lion while hiking, I make some mean chilaquiles, I am highly competitive when it comes athletics, I spend my Sundays cleaning up the beach, if I had an intro song it would be In the Stone by Earth, Wind, and Fire, and the reason why I studied architecture was because as a kid I told myself I would design and build my parents a home as a way of showing my gratitude for all they have sacrificed and done for me and my sisters.

I am a gentle soul overflowing with optimism, creativity, and ambition. I am an upbeat and happy ambivert that loves people, but recharges alone. I am an environmentalist that is always looking for innovative ways to collaborate with others and help create generational sustainable futures. I strive to inspire, uplift, and empower everyone I cross paths with in life and value friendships to be worth much more than gold.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to connect with you.

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Multimedia Storytelling, Adobe Creative Suite, Illustration & Graphic Design,

Photography & Video Production,

Content Creation, UX/UI Design & Research, Motion Design & Animation,

Rapid Prototyping,

2d & 3d  Modeling & Fabrication,

Brainstorming, Ideas, People.

Recent Experience

bēkn / Co-Founder + Creative Director


Currently, I organize and lead a team that consist of software developing, business strategy, creative design, copywriting and marketing. I manage and maintain the company's external and internal framework. As the creative director I come up with visual ideas and conceptualize them meaning, I give birth to the ideas then turn them into reality. I use my visual skill to oversee the process that brings the idea to life. I collaborate with developers to define problems and goals and manage a wide variety of cross-media projects involving branding, illustrations, UX/UI wireframes and user flows, concept sketches, user and design research, visual design, product design, community outreach, and communications. I oversee web and mobile prototyping, cross-platform marketing, and maintain the internal style guide.

Freelance / Senior Designer + Creative 


I collaborate with individuals and teams around the world
managing a wide variety of projects involving branding,
illustrations, conceptual sketches, graphic design, product
design, UX/UI wireframes and user flows, fundraising,
photography and videography, cross-platform marketing,
CAD design, 2d and 3d modeling
, image rendering, and
fabrication, storyboarding, web and mobile design, and B2B/
B2C communications.

Tierney Conner Architecture / Designer

2017 - 2020 | OAKLAND, CA

I managed project design development, lead site assessments
and inspections, developed detailed drawing sets and
specifications using CAD software and 3d modeling tools
such as Rhino and Sketchup, managed client and vendor communications, and oversaw planning approval.

Who I've Worked With