J O S É  V A C A


I am                                based in Oakland, CA.

Currently designing the future of human interactions, writing and illustrating children's books, developing visual systems, managing brands, services, and consumer experiences across multiple channels and platforms, and painting pink vabits. I have a quirk for coming up with crazy cool ideas.

a Designer

My Work


bēkn - App. 

Founder + Director + Branding + Marketing + UX/UI Development + Business Development + CEO

bēkn has been an incredible journey. The amount experience I have gained building this company greatly exceeds any other working role in my entire life. I am the founder, however I wear multiple hats in order to grow this idea, even if it is the slightest bit, every day. I am the visionary, in charge of all creative and artistic direction, though I collaborate with my co-founder, friends, family, and community in order to cultivate a tool/service we can all easily and happily use.

I believe in bēkn and its ability to help transform the world by shining light on things that or happening which require action. I am committed to reimagining how mutual aid and community awareness can cultivate stronger relationships among people at a local level, on a global scale.

Uniting people to make the world a better place. That's the power of bēkn.

Antojitos Mamá Lupe - Catering Service

Branding + Creative Direction + Marketing

Growing up, I got to experience the magic that happened in the kitchen. I would spend hours watching my Mom cook delicious meals for family and friends. I saw and felt the amount of love she poured into this delicious art form. Now that I am older I am not only helping in the kitchen, but I am helping my sweet Madre share the magic with the rest of the world. Anotojitos Mamá Lupe isn't just a brand I have creatively directed. It is history and tradition shared through multimedia storytelling. Carefully curated moments that activate your senses and take you to a place that feels like home.


Creative Director + Graphic Designer + Marketing +
Business Development + Founder

T'sallGoodHomie is more than a brand. We are a way of life, a mantra. We acknowledge the fact that life's journey is uncertain and unpredictable yet still we bravely show up everyday as our authentic selves, living life to the highest degree of bliss. We choose to ride the waves unfazed and happy because we know that at the end of the day t'sall good homie.

notreal - Brand

Graphic Designer

This brand is notreal. Enjoy.

Digital Marketing & Advertising - Content Creation

Creative Direction + Marketing

As a freelance creative, I have had the opportunity to work with teams to create digital campaigns that are fun and engaging. Below is a sample of the varied digital content I have created for large corporations such as Wish, local artist and musicians, e-commerce businesses, and non-profit organizations.

Have You Thanked A Worm Today? - Children's Book

Author + Illustrator + Marketing

One day while making oatmeal I asked my self, "Have you thanked a worm today?" The question itself made me smile and I immediately knew I wanted to cultivate this seed of a thought. I spent the next 2 months writing, illustrating, and publishing my first book, an educational children's book, about an Earthworm named Sprout. Since its release, the book has been enjoyed by many people of all ages across the world. Some of which I've had the honor of reading my book to via Zoom in virtual classrooms, where I shared my passion for creativity and the planet with young scholars.


Since the release of this book I have written 2 more children's books, both currently being illustrated by me. I look forward to working with a traditional publisher to share my next books with the world.  

A Seal Named Sue - Children's Book

Author + Illustrator + Marketing

I spend a lot of my free time by the sea. It is a place I go to recharge, release, and become inspired. After self publishing my first book I knew that I wanted to create another though I was still unsure of what it should be about. One evening while picking up trash at a local beach I had an interesting encounter with a seal. So interesting in fact that it inspired me to dive into their world and learn more about them. That marked the beginning of my research for this book. The title however came to me out of the blue. I like to think Johnny Cash had some sort of influence. I spent a lot of time researching in books, online, and in person visiting beaches and places like the Monterey Bay Aquarium to have enough information to create from and enough references to start to shape this world I was building for young readers.


It was such a fun and educational process writing and illustrating this children's book and even more enjoyable creating a read-along version that is free and accessible to all on my Youtube channel

Jo-Jo's Reading Buddies

Momentos - Photography & Video

Photographer + Multimedia Storyteller

I once met a man from a small village while traveling across South East Asia who called pictures memories. It was at that moment that my perspective on capturing moments completely changed.


As a creative, I am familiar with composition, color, light and shadow. I know how to write poetry and stories that are simple and quite abstract. The world of photography and videography exudes those familiarities I've intertwined with, however added elements such as time and sound capture details that are felt at a core level. Details that access the deepest parts of who we are, where we have been, and where we are going. That's why I love being a photographer, but even more so a multimedia storyteller. Going beyond the seeing eye and transcending memory itself.