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I'm not your typical Chicano designer. Sure I went to school for architecture (on a full ride scholarship #grateful) and gained an immense amount of skills on that journey — which by the way ended with a solid moonwalk across the stage — but I learned so much more on my own by exploring the depths of my own curiosity and creativity. By leaping head first off the deep end into a world of passion and uncertainty I've grown in ways I never would have had I stayed "in my lane".

I started my own software company, I physically and digitally published my own children's books, I started my own T-shirt brand, I started my own podcast, I became a mixed media storyteller, I helped develop a food catering business, I helped bring together NBA All-stars to raise money for spinal injury and gun violence awareness, I provided creative direction for musicians, content creation for corporations, and through it all I failed and succeeded gracefully. I owe these experiences so much because through them I became unstoppable meaning, I've proven to myself that I can do anything I put my heart and mind to.

I persevere, that's just what I do.

I now work remotely as a visual designer, specifically for REI Co-op alongside an incredible team. On my spare time I work on my latest project which is a startup focused on hunger-relief, engage community through ocean cleanup initiatives, and indulge in dance, art, food, music, and travel.


California College of the Arts,

Oakland/San Francisco, CA

Universidad Torcuato Di Tella,

Buenos Aires, Argentina


Certain flowers

Orange Tabbies and Black cats






Alaska Airlines


Kaiser Permanente




LGO Foundation

Antojitos Mama Lupe

Tierney Conner Architecture

Ryan Group Architecture

Kristine Dava Designs

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