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bēkn - App. 

Founder / CEO / Creative Direction / Art Direction / Email Marketing

/ Paid Social / Organic Social / UX Design / UI Design / Business Operation 

bēkn was an incredible journey. What I learned building this company greatly exceeds any other working role in my entire life. As the founder I wore multiple hats in order to scale the idea and inspire people to believe in bēkn as much as I did. I led all creative and artistic direction, as well as handled everything that pertained to the development of bēkn as an entity. My co-founder Elijah focused on developing the software. We received help along the way from friends, family, and community that wanted to see us cultivate a tool that had the potential to change the way people got together to achieve a common goal.


Although bēkn was set on uniting people across the world to make the world a better place, the timing couldn't have been worse​. The world was struck by the Corona Virus Pandemic and quickly depleted the fuel from our rocket ship. bēkn was dissolved as a company in 2022, however the idea endured, transformed, and is waiting for the perfect time to be re-introduced as something new.

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