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Full-time Student


I studied and worked for 5 years from 2010 to 2015 to receive a Bachelors or Architecture from the California College of the Arts. While in the program, I was exposed to many design styles, methodologies, and backgrounds. I learned many different skills along the way within my field of study ranging from but not limited to 2d and 3d design, rendering and fabrication techniques, material composition, and rapid prototyping. I also picked up a couple of things while collaborating with people in other programs such as industrial design, illustration, fashion, animation, and more that I was then able to apply into my personal work allowing me to grow beyond "the box". I took those skills with me into the professional field of architecture and created work both my employers and clients were extremely happy with. I learned how design, develop, and manage projects from start to finish, working closely with fellow employees, vendors, and clients. I've been immersed in both commercial and residential work settings.

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