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I never really cared about art history. I mean, try being a Mexican kid, born on the East side of Salinas, CA, growing up in a traditional Mexican family, and then going to art school to sit and learn about all these fancy paintings of European people. Don’t get me wrong, there were many pieces of historical art I could relate to, such as “Lascaux” in southern France, the Calaveras of José Guadalupe Posada, the intrinsic paintings of Salvador Dali and Frida Kahlo, to name a few, but royal self portraits or really anything from 400 BC to the late 1800s... not my cup of Jo. A huge portion of what I was learning was completely un-relatable to my upbringing. The only real connection these historical “selfies” had in my life was the stained glass I would see in church.


The work I do is my way of revisiting, engaging, and connecting with foreign history that constantly surrounded me growing up and eventually forced its way into my life.


If you are wondering about the rabbit, let's just say he was my imaginary salvation and catalyst for creation while being stuck in a rut in a mindless vocation.

Pink is bold and fun the way - I think - life should be.

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